Class TimingDialog

  extended bywaba.ui.Control
      extended bywaba.ui.Container
          extended bywaba.ui.Window
              extended bynet.thestump.ghronos.dialog.Dialog
                  extended bynet.thestump.ghronos.dialog.TimingDialog
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TimingDialog
extends Dialog

Provides a display for configuring timing styles. It is critical that the ID of a timing style be its index in the ListBox +1.

Christopher C. Stump

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beepIfOut, borderStyle, canDrag, eraseBackgroundNow, flicker, HIDE_STATE, highResPrepared, imgCovered, lastSwappedContainer, mainSwapContainer, menubar, needsPaint, NO_BORDER, RECT_BORDER, ROUND_BORDER, TAB_BORDER, TAB_ONLY_BORDER, title, titleFont, topMost, VK_BOTTOM, VK_HIDE, VK_SHOW, VK_TOP, zStack
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void onEvent(waba.ui.Event event)
protected  void onPopup()
 void onStart()
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setDisplay, setTimingStyle
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Constructor Detail


public TimingDialog()
Method Detail


public void onStart()


public void onEvent(waba.ui.Event event)


protected void onPopup()

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