Class DecreaseClock

  extended bywaba.ui.Control
      extended bywaba.ui.Container
          extended bynet.thestump.ghronos.ui.clock.Clock
              extended bynet.thestump.ghronos.ui.clock.DecreaseClock
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
DelayClock, ModalClock

public class DecreaseClock
extends Clock

A clock whose time ticks down

Christopher C. Stump

Field Summary
static byte ID
          unique ID for this clock
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 byte getID()
protected  void tick()
          Ticks the clock.
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Field Detail


public static final byte ID
unique ID for this clock

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Constructor Detail


public DecreaseClock()
Method Detail


public byte getID()
Specified by:
getID in interface
getID in class Clock


public getInstance()
Specified by:
getInstance in interface
getInstance in class Clock


protected void tick()
Description copied from class: Clock
Ticks the clock. Does nothing by default. Subclass must override.

tick in class Clock

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